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Actions to tackle climate change approved

A set of actions aimed at making a difference to tackling climate change, has been approved by Rushmoor Borough Council’s Cabinet.

The actions have been drawn up in response to the council’s declaration of a climate emergency, which won the full support of councillors of all parties.

In doing so, the councillors pledged to make the council carbon neutral, and Aldershot and Farnborough greener and more sustainable, by 2030, with £250,000 set aside for climate change initiatives.

At its meeting on Tuesday 10th November, the Cabinet approved the council’s Climate Change Action Plan 2020-2030 and agreed to target five key areas of work initially.

A major focus of climate change work for the council will be to increase recycling rates and reduce waste. One of the biggest ways to make a difference is to introduce a weekly food waste collection service so the Cabinet committed to doing this in 2021/22 — ahead of the anticipated national introduction of food waste collections in 2023.

A Cabinet working group, made up of councillors from across the parties, will now be set up to guide the introduction of the new service.

The Cabinet also agreed to explore how the council can make the most of the opportunities offered by the regeneration of Aldershot and Farnborough town centres, including designing in energy-efficient buildings, ways to generate energy and options to encourage people to use green transport more.

One of the actions is to look at schemes such as community gardening, volunteering, and helping people to get more involved in their local neighbourhoods.

In addition, the council will consider how it can make its own buildings more energy-efficient, moving to green energy where possible.

Councillor Ken Muschamp, Deputy Leader of Rushmoor Borough Council, said: “Climate change is such an important priority for us, and we know it is of great concern to many of our residents. We hope this action plan will show that we are committed to doing our bit to tackle climate change and to being an example to others. More importantly, we hope that our actions help our residents to do likewise in their daily life, by taking decisions that will bring a difference now and for future generations.”

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