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Award for police dog and handler

A police dog and his handler have received a Chief Constable Award for their heroics in detaining a thief wielding a sword.

PC Mark Farley and his police dog Ernie, of the Joint Operations Unit, responded to a ‘theft from motor vehicle’ report on Shirley High Street, Southampton, at 12.47am on 5th February this year.

On arrival, Ernest Kujawski, 42, of no fixed abode, was located and ran from police. Ernie was deployed to stop Kujawski, as he was suspected of having a weapon concealed in his jacket.

A second man, Patryk Adamczyk, 37, from Shirley Avenue, was then spotted with a samurai sword. PC Farley reacted with incredible bravery and detained him, using his Taser to gain compliance.

Kujawski then proceeded to slam a door against Ernie, and PC Farley had to make the hard decision to stay with Adamczyk as he posed a high risk to the public.

Colleagues from the Response and Patrol unit attended to assist PC Farley, who then ran to help Ernie whose foot had been trapped in the door of the suspect’s home. Ernie sustained an injury to his foot that was considered career-ending.

Luckily he has recovered well and is still a valuable member of the force.

The duo received a Chief Constable Commendation for “showing courage, resilience, bravery and professionalism in detaining two suspects in a fast moving, high threat environment”.

Last Tuesday, 11th August, Ernest Kujawski, was given an unpaid work requirement of 100 hours, and was ordered to pay £123 in compensation. After his immediate arrest he was charged with harming a service animal.

PC Mark Farley said: “Ernie did a fantastic job, and he would do so again without hesitation.

“It was by far the most difficult moment as a dog handler for me, putting him in harm’s way is never taken lightly, but we are here to protect the public.

“I am honoured to have received the award, but even more proud to see Ernie getting the recognition he deserves.”

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