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Hampshire residents offered another chance to generate green energy and save on bills

Residents considering investing in solar panels for their homes can now once again sign-up to generate greener energy and reduce their energy bills through the Hampshire County Council supported solar panel scheme, Solar Together.

Solar Together Hampshire is a group buying scheme offering high-quality solar panels and battery storage at a competitive price to Hampshire homeowners who come together to buy solar panels. The County Council is working with independent and trusted experts, iChoosr Ltd, to help residents make the switch to clean energy as cost effective and easy as possible.

Investing in solar panels or battery storage for the home not only helps to reduce household energy bills over time, but also boosts local renewable energy generation – reducing carbon emissions and building resilience to climate change. This will help towards Hampshire’s overall targets of being carbon neutral and resilient to a two degrees Celsius temperature rise by 2050.

Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Climate Change and Sustainability Councillor Jan Warwick said: “I’m pleased we are once again able to offer the Solar Together scheme to residents, especially during our Year of Climate Resilience. More than 800 homeowners registered for the first wave of the scheme and together, these householders have the potential to save an estimated 4,000 tonnes of CO2.

“The Solar Together scheme does require the homeowner to invest in buying solar panel installation for their home and, while the cost of living is a signficant concern for everyone at the moment, the resulting environmental benefits and cost-savings to households from the scheme are considerable. When it comes to climate change, any action we can take, big or small, is important.

“If anyone has been considering solar panels, I would encourage them to register their interest in the Solar Together scheme. It not only supports homeowners to feel confident that they are paying the right price for a high-quality installation from pre-vetted installers, but crucially, it also helps to reduce energy bills through a move to greener energy sources – which also lowers our overall carbon footprint.”

Hampshire’s districts and borough councils have once again partnered with the County Council and independent experts in group-buying, iChoosr Ltd, to offer this opportunity to all Hampshire homeowners. Hampshire residents can join Solar Together Hampshire through initial registration, which is open until 27 September – free and without obligation.

How solar panels work

  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels turn sunlight into electricity.

  • After installation, households will be able to automatically generate electricity.

  • During sunny days when solar panels produce more electricity than is needed, unused electricity can be exported to the national grid, and export tariffs allow householders to be paid for their excess energy.

  • If a power battery is installed electricity can be stored by the household for future use.

  • If households need more energy than their solar panels generate, electricity from the national grid can still be used.

How group buying works

  • From now until 27 September, homeowners can register online to become part of the group for free and without obligation

  • Pre-vetted UK solar Photo-Voltaic (PV) suppliers participate in an auction on 27 September 2022, who are then able to offer competitive pricing as the volume and geographic concentration will make it possible for them to realise greater efficiencies, which they pass on with lower prices for installations.

  • After the auction, registered households will receive a personal recommendation which is specific to the details they submitted in their registration.

  • If those registered choose to accept their recommendation, the details of their installation will be confirmed with a technical survey after which the installation date is agreed.

  • Telephone and email helpdesks are on-hand throughout the entire process which, together with information sessions, will allow households to make an informed decision in a safe and hassle-free environment.

Marie-Louise Abretti, iChoosr UK Solar Manager says: “With energy prices continuing to increase, residents of Hampshire are looking for opportunities to reduce their carbon emissions, save on energy bills and increase their independence from the grid. The Solar Together group-buying scheme offers a straightforward way to make an informed decision and to access a competitive offer from a trusted, vetted provider.”

Year of Climate Resilience 2022

In 2019 Hampshire County Council set a target for climate resilience acknowledging the significant impact of climate change on communities, infrastructure, and the services it delivers. Climate resilience is crucial and rising temperatures, increased flooding and more extreme weather events have already been felt in Hampshire.

In recognition of the importance of building resilience, the County Council has declared 2022 the ‘Year of Climate Resilience’. This presents an opportunity for the County Council to increase awareness of the importance of resilience, promote its approach and the actions it is taking to build resilience, and to develop some showcase projects in partnership with key stakeholders.

More information on the Year of Climate Resilience can be found on the Hampshire County Council’s Climate Change web pages:


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