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Hot spot of sewer blockages to be dealt with

Southern Water’s team of sewer experts is taking action to tackle a hot spot of blockages around Andover from 14th September to 10th October.

Sewer blockages caused by unflushable items such as wet wipes, sanitary towels and nappies or incorrect disposal of cooking fat, oil or grease are a major cause of pollution incidents — including the misery of internal flooding for home and business owners.

In the past 10 years around the area in Andover, there have been 24 sewer blockages caused by fat deposits and 94 blockages due to a build-up of wipes and other unflushable items.

These blockages have been directly linked to 68 internal flooding and 44 external flooding incidents.

Elvira Gabos, from Southern Water, said: “Some customers are unaware their actions are contributing towards blockages that can directly affect them and their neighbours. When we explain the impact of sewer misuse they are usually happy to make the simple changes needed to reduce the problem. We have jetted sewers in the area numerous times but the solution isn’t just sewer cleaning, it’s local action.”

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