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New defibrillator for Scout Hut

A Hampshire building firm has donated a defibrillator to the local community in support of Wessex Heartbeat. Venture Construction installed the life saving equipment at the 14th Itchen Scout Group Hut on Spring Road in Southampton. It has been registered on the emergency services database and is accessible to anybody in the area who may need it.

Attending the official launch of the defibrillator was Venture Construction directors Sue and John Parker and Mike and Robert Hoar. Wessex Heartbeat’s CEO, John Munro, was also in attendance as well as the 14th Itchen South Group president, Tom Axton.

When selecting a cause to support, it was important to Venture Construction that it would benefit the local community and have a lasting impact. All the directors have encountered heart problems within their families so understand the devastating effects this can have. They also know the lifesaving difference a defibrillator can make. The ongoing donations of defibrillators to organisations across the region is part of Venture Construction’s social and corporate responsibility policy.

John Munro, from Wessex Heartbeat said: “We are delighted with the donation and are looking forward to working with Venture Construction in the future.

“There are on average 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests every year in the UK, so it is highly important that we all have access to defibrillators in the community. Unfortunately, public access defibrillators are used in less than one in ten cases, where immediate CPR and defibrillation can more than double the chances of survival. But that still equates to 3,000 people per year having CPR by way of a defib, which equates to at least eight people per day.”

Tom Axton, president of the 14th Itchen South Group was pleased that the Scout Hut was able to host the defibrillator. He said: “The defibrillator is a vital addition to the local community, and we are thrilled to have this piece of life-saving equipment available.

“Venture Construction has close links with scouting locally, and we look forward to Wessex Heartbeat arranging some training with the Scout group and leaders to show them how to use the defibrillator as part of their ongoing partnership.”

Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, Wessex Heartbeat supports the region’s cardiac patients and their families, as well as the work of Southampton General Hospital's Wessex Cardiac Unit. The heart charity provides funding as well as specialised equipment, services and facilities to help patients and their relatives through their cardiac journey.

For more information about Wessex Heartbeat, please visit:

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