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New map shows all the protected trees in the New Forest

An innovative online map is now available showing all the protected trees within the New Forest National Park.

The new interactive map from the New Forest National Park Authority is a one-stop place to help people identify trees which need a special planning application to be pruned or felled, and could save thousands of pounds in fines.

The map shows the locations of trees with preservation orders (TPOs), as well as those which have already received applications for tree work. It also shows all the conservation areas within the National Park – where trees over a certain size are automatically protected.

The New Forest is the first National Park in the UK to make all this information publicly available on one online map.

The tree team at the NPA helps to protect special and important trees which contribute to the character of the New Forest.

TPOs are made when it’s thought that the loss of these trees would have a negative impact on the local landscape. They can be made on single trees, groups of trees, or whole woodlands, but are usually made in more urban areas.

Nik Gruber, Senior Tree Officer at the New Forest National Park Authority said: ‘The new interactive tree map is a cutting-edge tool for people to see which trees are protected in their area.

‘Please remember that unauthorised works to protected trees can result in prosecution and an unlimited fine for each offence. We don’t want that to happen, so let’s work together to protect New Forest trees. This map is a great starting point.’

People looking to cut, lop, fell or uproot a tree should then either submit an application form to the NPA, orget professional advice from a competent tree work contractor who’s registered with the Arboricultural Association.

The map could prove useful to anyone unaware they’re living in a conservation area where trees with a with diameter of 75mm or more, measured at 1.5m above ground level, are automatically protected.

Since the beginning of April 2019, the NPA tree team has received 425 tree work applications.

Once an application is received, the NPA will register and publicise it, notify immediate neighbours and keep the town and parish councils informed.

In a few cases, protected trees may be exempt from needing a tree work application, but you’ll still need to let the NPA know of any planned work. These include dead trees, dead branches in living trees, commercial fruit trees and anything which is dangerous or needing very urgent attention.

See the map at newforestnpa.gov.uk/treemap

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