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Partnership announcement update

East Hampshire District Council has formally agreed that it will be withdrawing from its joint management agreement with Havant Borough Council – subject to a business case which it will discuss at a council meeting as soon as possible.

The council has also agreed that it will offer Gill Kneller, who is the current Chief Executive for Havant and East Hants, the role of Chief Executive at East Hants - this is subject to a number of things and there is still a process to go through.

Havant Borough Council will be discussing withdrawing from the joint management agreement at its full council meeting next week – and will be recommending that Kim Sawyer, who is currently the interim Chief Operating Officer, is confirmed as the acting Chief Executive until an interim Chief Executive is appointed for Havant.

Cllr Richard Millard, Leader of East Hampshire District Council, said: “We have worked very effectively with Havant but now it’s time to pursue our own priorities for our communities.

“Having separate management teams will mean that we can pursue our outcomes at considerable pace.

“Striking out on our own will enable us to throw ourselves into our wellbeing and welfare agenda so that we can help the residents who need us the most.

“I am also convinced that we can do more to challenge central government on the green agenda and really push them to prioritise this. The greening of our local plan will also be a major focus of our efforts.

"It is really important for us to keep our options open regarding any potential devolution proposals when the government publishes its white paper.

“The decision to withdraw from the joint management agreement is the start of the process and we will of course need to develop a detailed business plan to ensure that we can justify this decision with full accountability and transparency.

“I think this is a hugely exciting time for this council – and far more importantly for the residents.”

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