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Southampton Council of Faiths supports Southampton’s bid to become UK City of CultureImmediateTh

The Southampton 2025 Trust has announced a new Delivery Partner in the city’s bid to become UK City of Culture 2025.

Based in the heart of the city, Southampton Council of Faiths (SCOF) plays a vital role in promoting the understanding and access between faiths in the region.

Serving the faith communities in dialogue with public bodies such as the police, fire and health services, the SCOF meets eight times a year to discuss issues of mutual concern while recognising the importance of overcoming ignorance and fear. They celebrate their 20th anniversary this year.

Seven faiths are represented– Bahai, Buddhist, Islam, Christian, Hindui, Judaism and Sikhism –and one member from each faith act as faith advisors to the Mayor of Southampton.

As a Delivery Partner, SCOF will provide on the ground support within the community as the charity organisation pledges its commitment to Southampton’s bid for the acclaimed UK City of Culture title.

Southampton 2025 has already partnered with several organisations across the city, and this particular partnership showcases Southampton’s faith sectors and the important role that they play to the city’s communities. support.

David Vane, Chair of Southampton Council of Faiths said: “Southampton Council of Faiths is excited about the opportunities that this project will offer the people of Southampton to learn about, and engage with the faith communities and enjoy the diverse character of the city.”

Claire Whitaker OBE, Southampton 2025 UK City of Culture Bid Director said “Southampton Council of Faiths plays a vital role in representing the diversity and breadth of the faith communities in Southampton and we are thrilled to be working with them as a Delivery Partner. This partnership ensures that our faith communities are shaping our programme and legacy for the city and the wider region.

To learn more about Southampton UK City of Culture 2025 bid, please visit:

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