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Speedwatch campaign launched

A Speedwatch group has been launched in Petersfield thanks to grants from district and county councillors.

Petersfield ward councillors Julie Butler, Ben Bentley, Matthew Gass, David McKinney and Jamie Matthews granted a total of £4,750 towards the project and Robert Mocatta, county councillor for Petersfield Butser, gave another £1,000.

This covered the costs for the Speedwatch technology and high visibility jackets for volunteers. MP for East Hampshire, Damian Hinds, attended the launch of the campaign on Friday 7 February and the group gave him a demonstration of how the technology works.

Groups of volunteers record vehicles going over the speed limit, which are then entered into a database and followed up by police.

42 people are currently signed up to volunteer.

Cllr Julie Butler, Deputy Leader of East Hampshire District Council, said: “I’m so pleased that so many people have volunteered their time to be part of this scheme.

“The campaign is all about educating people and creating safer driving habits.

“By changing people’s behaviour and making them be more aware of their speed and surroundings, the ultimate goal is that there will be a reduction in accidents and an improvement in safety for all residents of Petersfield.”

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact Julie Butler at

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