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Success for council crackdown on dumped cars

A Gosport Borough Council crackdown has succeeded in clearing dozens of unauthorised cars from a local neighbourhood. All 25 vehicles given council warning notices have been moved. Norfolk Road, Brockhurst, and a private parking area off the road, were the focus of the crackdown. Many residents were unable to get access to their garages, use their private parking spaces or use public parking spaces on the road, because of the large number of unauthorised vehicles left in the area. Many of them had no MOT, tax or insurance and were not roadworthy. Some had been stripped for parts and some were a risk to the public and the environment because of exposed parts and leaking fluids such as oil. The crackdown was backed by Hampshire Constabulary, who attached the warning letters to the vehicles. These said that unless the vehicles were removed within 28 days, the council would issue a community protection notice for anti-social behaviour, which could result in a fine of thousands of pounds if not obeyed. The owner of the vehicles moved them within the 28 days, to the relief of nearby residents. One told the council: "It’s a lot better, and even the garage area has been cleaned up." Cllr Graham Burgess, Leader of Gosport Borough Council, said: "This was a council-led operation, greatly assisted by Gosport police. There were numerous un-taxed cars filling Norfolk Road, and several more parked in the private garage area used by residents. This was clearly anti-social behaviour which was affecting the day-to-day lives of residents. The situation will continue to be monitored, but there has been a commitment on the part of the owner to keep the area free of untaxed cars and we're appreciative of that." Sgt Alison Zachs, of Hampshire Constabulary, said: "I am pleased that the work carried out has proven successful and has had a positive impact on the lives of local residents. We will continue to work with our local authority partners to address issues of anti-social behaviour affecting our communities."

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