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Temperatures look set to rise across Hampshire

The Met Office has today issued a Level 2 Hot Weather Alert for the South East Region, including Hampshire, on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 June 2020, which means that it is very likely that temperatures will climb into the high 20s over the next few days.

Executive Member for Public Health, Councillor Judith Grajewski, said, “Planning ahead for hot weather is vital, particularly for those groups of people for whom the heat poses possible health risks. These include babies and young children, the elderly and those with chronic or long-term conditions. It’s good to prepare wherever possible, by for example, shopping ahead for food and medicines, and looking out for others, especially if they are shielding or self-isolating.”

During sunny periods parks and public spaces may become busy but it is important that everyone continues to follow the rules on social distancing.

Simple advice as the temperature rises, is to:

· Stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm; · Apply sunscreen, wear loose, lightweight cotton clothing, a hat and sun-glasses;

· Stay hydrated and avoid physical exertion;

· Keep your environment cool:

· Keep your bedroom and living space cool by closing the curtains on windows that receive the sun and opening your windows at cooler times of the day and overnight when you can;

· Turn off non-essential lights and electrical items as these generate heat;

· Electric fans may provide some relief if temperatures are below 35 degrees C;

· Seek medical advice if you have a chronic long-term condition or are taking multiple medications;

· Keep those medications that require storing below 25 degrees C in the refrigerator;

 – Follow storage instructions on the packaging.

For more information on how to keep yourself and loved ones cool the government has issued advice on coping with heat and Covid-19.

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