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Veil lifted on WWII operation

To coincide with the anniversary of Operation Market Garden on Saturday 17th September, Derek Armitage will lift the veil on the largest airborne operation of the Second World War at the Army Flying Museum in Middle Wallop.

After the success of airborne operations during the invasion of occupied France in the summer of 1944, the Allied High Command turned their attention to crossing the Rhine and entering Germany, an operation we now know as ‘Market Garden’.

In this talk, you can hear how the 1st Airborne Division was composed, the objectives of the operation, and the heavy and desperate fighting, and losses, that followed. Although it ultimately failed to achieve its objectives, the determination and courage shown by the airborne troops, and the units that assisted them, made Market Garden one of the Second World War’s most famous battles.

Entry to the talk on the 13th and 14th September at 11am and 2pm is free and can be booked online at www.armyflying.com/what-s-on/. However, should visitors wish to view some of the types of aircraft involved in Operation Market Garden, they can do so by booking an additional ticket to the Museum where they can see sections of Horsa, Hamilcar and Hadrian military gliders.

Talks and lectures have become a key part of the Museum’s programme since the successful launch of the Lockdown Lecture series. A new programme of lectures will soon be released for the autumn and 2023 which will also be available through live streaming.

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