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Volunteers wanted to join ‘Hedgerow Heroes’ project

Countryside charity CPRE Hampshire is keen to support the restoration of hedgerows and is part of a new project, called Hedgerow Heroes, aiming to plant or restore hedges across the country.

In Hampshire, the aim is to plant 1 mile of new hedgerow and improve just under a further mile of existing hedgerow to create a better habitat for wildlife.

This will be done near Bransgore on the edge of the New Forest and close to the Burton Common Site of Special Scientific Interest.

CPRE Hampshire Chair Dee Haas says: “An increase in hedgerow planting will help with carbon capture and mitigate the impacts of climate change, but they also create important habitats for wildlife and can improve air quality”.

CPRE has long campaigned for hedgerows and see them as “the vital stitching in the patchwork of our countryside”.

CPRE would like to see more hedgerows planted and restored, and strongly support the Climate Change Committee’s call for a 40% increase in the extent of hedgerows by 2050 to help tackle the climate emergency.

The charity is looking for volunteers to get involved to support the project which is due to commence in the summer. Organisers would love to hear from local naturalists to help with wildlife and soil surveys, but are also looking for volunteers to assist with hedge-laying and hedge surveys elsewhere on the estate. No particular expertise is required, just the ability to undertake some light manual activity, a friendly personality and a keen interest in the countryside. Anyone interested should email”

CPRE will be working closely with site landowners, the Hinton Admiral Estate, who will carry out the planting work. Estate Manager Rich Shirley says: “We are delighted to be working with CPRE Hampshire on this project, which is part of our wider plans to restore hedgerows across the estate.”

The new hedgerow will replace one which was removed many years ago and will run along historic boundaries identified from old estate plans.

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